Vegueros Mañanitas

Vegueros Mananitas

Vegueros Mananitas

A few samples of these new cigars have found their way from this year’s Habanos Festival and I was lucky enough to have one to review.  The vitola is a Petit Pyramid 46 x 110 (4.3″), completely made by hand and they come in metal tins of 16 and cardboard packs of 3. The Vegueros brand is named after the field workers which are called Vegueros. Let’s see how this cigar pays homage to everyone involved in the cigar making process.

The example I have is very well built with an oily wrapper and some brown/green hue to it. After my typical angled cut, it is letting air pass through perfectly. This is just a well-built cigar.

Vegueros Mananitas

Vegueros Mananitas


1st third

After the initial few puffs, the Mañanitas is sitting at light/medium body and it is has a light after taste. It is producing good amount of dry smoke. I can taste sweet tobacco, light grass and spicy flavours. I can also taste and smell some woody notes, like wood chips. This isn’t starting off like a very complex smoke but that was to be expected. It is also giving some tingles on the palate.

2nd third

This cigar is burning perfectly; it hasn’t tightened up on me. It is moving towards a medium body with the spicy and woody flavours taking up most of the place. The after taste has also picked up and has a bread/toast after taste that I like. Again, not overly complex but I can start to see where this cigar will be located in someone’s line up. This seems to be a no brainer cigar for those times when you just want something where you don’t have to think too much about what you are smoking.

3rd third

The last part of this cigar is much better than the first 2 thirds. The grass has come back but with a nice creaminess to it. You can also taste its youth with some bitter tobacco and it is giving me a lot of nicotine.  I must say I was hoping a bit more from this cigar. That said, the last third was definitely the best part of this cigar and hopefully they will age to match it


Vegueros Mananitas

Vegueros Mananitas

The Vegueros Mañanitas is right in line with the new smaller, cheaper and beginner geared cigars Habanos has been coming out with in the last few months. This is perfect for someone trying out vitolas and isn’t ready to step to a full Piramide or Belicoso yet.

I give this a 6.5/10 with a possible extra .5 or full point more with a few years added to them.

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