Vegas Robaina Aniversario XV Canada

Box of Robaina Aniversario
Today’s review of the Vegas Robaina Aniversario is written by a new collaborator of ours, meet Ravi. A fellow cigar aficionado with a desire to write and learn about cigars.
The Vegas Robaina Aniversario XV Canadian Regional is one that I just couldn’t put down. I’ve had the  popular Famosos, and have really liked it but I this cigar took the marca up a notch for me.  I tend to love what I like. Meaning that I either really love a cigar and have a hard time putting them down, or I put it down permanently.
The first thing I noticed was that the cap was quite a bit larger than other cigars of that length. The overall size and look of the cigar was very appealing as well.
Aniversario Vegas Robaina
The minute you light up you get some slight cedar notes. It kind of felt like I walked into a house that had just taken a Christmas tree away and the earthy rich sweet scent was still in the air. I like my cigars light and easy to draw and this one didn’t disappoint. From the start if was the draw was perfect and the initial third tasted light and sweet. Surprisingly the cedar and sweetness actually led to causing a little numbness in my lips. Not a good, or bad thing, but an interesting observation.
Second third was much of the same for me. The balance of flavors was incredibly enjoyable and even though the cedar flavor intensified over the course of the cigar, the sweet, and chocolaty flavors balanced everything out. Towards to middle, it because a bit sweeter however the last third was spicier with hints of pepper but the cedar notes fought off any imbalance in flavors.
Vegas Robaina Aniversario Canada
The only words that I can use to describe this is cigar is balanced and delicious. Nothing felt out of place. Nothing felt like it didn’t belong. When it was sweeter, it was counterbalanced by some woody notes, when it was woodier it was again counterbalanced by the sweetness. As I mentioned previously, when I like a cigar I really like it and this one falls heavily into that category. A must try.
The Vegas Robaina Aniversario XV Exclusivo Canada was released in 2012. This was a 5,000 boxes of 10 cigars numbered release. It is a a Sublimes vitola measuring 54 x 164.
Vegas Robaina Aniversario Canada Regional

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