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Cohiba Maduro 5 Magicos 2007 Snap Review

Cohiba Maduro 5 Magicos 2007 Snap Review In 2007, Cohiba launched the Maduro 5 linea at the annual Habanos Festival.  The wrapper leaves are aged 5 years, giving it a rich, dark wrapper. I had

Montecristo Humidor 2004

The Montecristo Humidor 2004 is one of the rarities you can find at La Casa del Habano Montreal’s vintage humidor.  It dates back to a time when Habanos used to make 100 count humidors

Ramon Allones Club Allones Review

Every once in a while Habanos S.A. throw cigars aficonados a curve ball. For the second ever ecidion limitada for the Ramon Allones brand, they released the Club Allones measuring 47 x 135 (5.3″)

Montecristo Media Corona Review

  During last February’s Habanos festival in Havana, the Montecristo Media Corona was released for the first time to the public. Antonio and I had to chance to try this cigar given at the

Humidor 101 (part3) Humidity & Temperature

Humidor 101: Humidity & Temperature: Last time around, we reviewed how to get the humidor running to its most optimum level.  Now we will review the varies options and equipment available to achieve these

Bolivar Super Corona Review

This Bolivar Super Corona review is for the 2014 limited Edition from Habanos S.A. This is an interesting size for this release. It is an hermosos #3 48 x 140 (5.5″) and when we compare

Habanos Festival 2015 Recap

The 17th annual Habanos Festival took place from February 23 to 27 in Havana, Cuba. More than 1650 cigar lovers from around the world, including a larger than ever US presence attended the cigar

Humidor 101 (part2) Preparation & Maintenance

Last time around in the first part of our Humidor 101, we reviewed the many different aspects and variants in the humidor construction.  Now it’s time to get the humidor running to its most

Flor de Cano Siboney Exclusivo Canada Review

We are back at doing CubanHouseofCigars reviews, due to ongoing and exciting projects we were not able to write as much as we wanted but we are slowly getting back into the habit. Plus,

Humidors 101 (part1)

In the last few years, La Casa del Habano Montreal has increased its’ selection of humidors available to our clients from basic models, to higher end humidors.  As a result, we’ve had more and

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