H.Upmann Noellas (re-release) review

H.Upmann Noella Jar

H.Upmann Noella Jar

As you might have heard, the H.Upmann Noellas Jars and cigars have been released again. A couple of months ago there were reports of them being available in Havana but they are now available here at La Casa del Habano Montreal. The Noellas use to be a regular production cigar that was sold in its famous glass jar until they were discontinued in the early 80’s. They are a corona size cigar with 42 x 135 mm measurements. Since they are part of the Casa del Habano exclusive collection they wear the official second band. Let me say  that I love the corona size and I usually like H.Upmann’s cigars so I am really looking forward to this.

Let’s get to it.


The Noella feels well constructed, there are no hard spots along the body and the cap is well put on. It has a bit of a rounder head, like it is wearing a old motorcycle helmet. The wrapper of the cigar is a bit on the rough side, it isn’t silky smooth or oily but has a very nice bouquet.

After quick cut from the old school three hole cutter, I get a perfect draw.


I decided to use a piece of cedar to slowly toast its’ foot and make sure I don’t shock it with a jet flame. When I have time I finds it helps to start the cigar slowly. Of course,  I get the total opposite this time! I get an initial blast of flavors right in my face. It is medium/full body and I get some wood, coffee and some tangy flavors. It has signs of ammonia and youth.

H.Upmann Noellas

H.Upmann Noellas

After a few millimeters smoked, it is calming down and it is settling into a nice groove. There is ample amount of dry but flavorful smoke. The smoke believe it or not smells like dry pasta. That smell you get from opening a new pack of spaghetti. I had to confirm with Carlos that I was not hallucinating. I thought I was reaching out too far but he confirmed with “That’s crazy man….(smelling the smoke again) That’s crazy man… ( shaking his head)”


The second third is much mellower, no more ammonia, much creamier. It now feels and tastes like an H.Upmann cigar. There is sweet flavors coming in slowly. This are quite enjoyable. The burn is a bit uneven but this might be due to the fact that these were made in April 2013 ( UPE ABR13). Four months is mighty young for a cigar but this one is showing more maturity than expected.

The sweet flavors have evolved into vanilla and almonds. Given that this cigar is already creamy, I can almost saw this taste vanilla ice cream like. It is producing some very rich flavors and it has settled to medium body.

H.Upmann Noellas

H.Upmann Noellas


The last third was the least enjoyable of the three. Although, it still had the creamy texture and flavors I like, the burn was off and all over the place. The complexity of the cigar just went away. This now tastes and reacts like a young cigar. There a wood flavors but mostly just tobacco flavors. I finished it but it was nothing like the first or second third.

Now, I think these will age quite nicely and quite rapidly. I think with 3 years or less on them they will start to come into their own. They could well be one of my go to coronas. Also, if you decide to leave them into their jars for some aging, give them at least 5 years. The glass allows for less air transfer, slows down the aging process but you will be rewarded with excellent maturation and great flavor development in your cigars.

6.75/10 because of youth with easy potential for an 8/10

H.Upmann Noellas

H.Upmann Noellas

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