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Habanos Academy Junior Courses at Vancouver Intl Airport

On May 31, 2016, 3 Habanos Academy Junior Courses was held for the Vancouver Duty Free employees at the Vancouver International Airport.  The duty free shops in this airport are widely considered amongst the

Freezing Cigars Tutorial

In our part of the world where winter is long and cold, the mid-winter trip to Cuba has become a must for everyone and freezing cigars is a must step when you come back

Humidor 101 (part3) Humidity & Temperature

Humidor 101: Humidity & Temperature: Last time around, we reviewed how to get the humidor running to its most optimum level.  Now we will review the varies options and equipment available to achieve these

Humidor 101 (part2) Preparation & Maintenance

Last time around in the first part of our Humidor 101, we reviewed the many different aspects and variants in the humidor construction.  Now it’s time to get the humidor running to its most

Humidors 101 (part1)

In the last few years, La Casa del Habano Montreal has increased its’ selection of humidors available to our clients from basic models, to higher end humidors.  As a result, we’ve had more and

How to taste a cigar

This is a subject that has been touched in many articles and very well done in this article on cigarinspector by Zen Cigar. Instead of repeating what has already been said I will go

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